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Yana Tammakh


Multidisciplinary artist Yana Tammah has taken a variety of artistic journeys in her life so far. In her childhood years, she was strongly shaped by her Eastern European upbringing and later by her life as an immigrant in the U.S., where she first discovered her creative talents, as well as her interest in the glamorous fashion world. Her love and passion for high end fashion, combined with hard work and perseverance, have enabled her to opening her own salon, where celebrities sought out her unique talent for cosmetology, make-up art and image-making. Yana has always been passionate about bringing out the inner and outer beauty of others and helping them gain confidence and courage with her advice.

Driven by her devotion to sharing her vast knowledge and expertise with others, Yana founded her own lifestyle brand "SSTAGIONI" and authored two books on developing a personal style. Throughout her creative journey, Yana always believed that from suffering there comes strength and that every hardship ultimately reveals a better side of life. This profound belief is what inspired her label "SSTAGIONI", which translates as "Four Seasons" in Italian. The label perfectly embodies the rhythm of life's constant changes, where warmth only exists because of cold, and light only because of darkness.

Later on, with her artistic curiosity still burning bright, Yana discovered a new medium to visually represent her experiences and emotions in a whole new way with her experimentation with abstract painting. She founded her art label "SSTAGIONI Art by Yana Tammah" in 2022 as a body of abstract work, embracing the feminist movement and incorporating masculine inspirations to create an open, relatable, and emerging dialogue of contemporary artwork. Along her journey, Yana has experienced various hardships, which have shaped her art and continue to influence it to this day. So far, her expressive paintings have touched the hearts of their viewers at numerous exhibitions worldwide and have also been featured in well- known television productions.

SSTAGIONI Art paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including in United Kindom (London), Italy (Milan, Venice), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca), Switzerland (Zurih, Zug), Greece (Athenes), Russia (Moscow).  


In US as well (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Denver). 



Her work has been featured in television productions on prominent networks such as 5KTLA and Fox.


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In my art, I draw from the boundless wellspring of energy that flows from the beautiful tapestry of past
lives. This energy fuels my creative expression, as I observe and feel the world around me. I have no fear of embracing the full spectrum of existence, for I believe that everything is equal and everyone is equal.
It is a belief in the unconditional love of the divine, where there is no distinction between good and bad,
light and dark, or right and wrong. Life is a dual dimension, where the experiences of both sides enrich
our journey.
I view this lifetime as an opportunity to collect experiences and leave a legacy of wisdom and beauty for
those who follow. I believe that my role as an artist is akin to that of a messenger, a conduit to pass on
the information to those who are here now, encouraging them not to fear the passage of time or the
transition to new levels, dimensions, and chapters of existence.

Contemplating the future, I am driven by a desire to leave our planet safe for the next generation. Just
as we are all made from the same earthly material, so too is everything alive, from the tiniest ant to the
mightiest whale. Our Earth is a living entity, and my goal is to ensure its well-being for the future.
In my art, I seek to convey that the true beauty of life lies in the experiences we accumulate. It`s a
multifaceted interpretation of existence, ranging from the darkest moments to the brightest. My vision
is one of hope, emphasizing that there are always things to look forward to, even in a world where
negativity can be quick to destroy.
Through the passage of generations, standards change, adapting to the needs of each era. Yet, the
universe offers us love, attempting to save us from our own destructive tendencies. We are born with
nothing, and we depart this world with nothing. Ultimately, it is the legacy we leave behind that truly
matters. It is not about money, but the experiences we create and the positive impact we have on the
world. We must encourage the flow of resources, energy, and connections to make the Earth a better
place for all.
Art and education are the keys to understanding who we are and what we can become. We must
preserve our culture, nurturing creativity and striving for improvement. Without culture, there is no
nation, and without investment in culture, we cannot hope to improve the planet. To do so, we must
teach our children how to care for the Earth, showing them the beauty of the planet and the limitless
potential of their dreams.

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